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Federal Feed Law

Who's afraid of feed-in tariffs?

April 10, 2011,   by Matthew Wright

Category: Federal FIT

Renewable Energy World: REC Price Crash in Australia: What To Do?

December 28, 2010,   by Todd Griset

Category: Federal FIT

The Australian: Green power feasible

December 16, 2009,  

Category: Federal FIT

Australian Senator Introduces Feed-in Tariff Bill

July 1, 2008,  

  Senator Christine Milne (Green Party) has introduced a Private Member's Bill for federal Feed-in Tariffs in Australia. The Senate's Standing Committee on Environment hall called for an Inquiry...[more]

Category: Federal FIT

BP Solar Backs Feed-in Tariffs for Australia

February 25, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

  BP Solar, Australia's largest solar manufacturer, has called for an Australia-wide system of feed-in tariffs. The comment was made by Brooke Miller, Regional Director for BP Solar Australasia in...[more]

Category: Federal FIT

New South Wales Feed Law

Energy Matters: NSW Solar Bonus Scheme Approaches 300MW Capacity

January 17, 2011,  

Category: New South Wales FIT

Peak Energy: What really killed NSW solar?

October 30, 2010,  

Category: New South Wales FIT

Greens: NSW Solar Mismanagment Another Reason for National Feed-in Tariff-

October 29, 2010,  

Category: New South Wales FIT

Suntech's Dr. Shi Applauds Australian Feed-in Tariff

March 8, 2010,   by Paul Gipe

Chinese Manufacturer Plays Role in NSW Feed-in Tariff[more]

Category: New South Wales FIT

New South Wales To Have Australia's Largest FIT-

November 13, 2009,   by Warwick Johnston

Category: New South Wales FIT

Queensland Feed Law

Queensland regional solar feed-in-tariffs cut as renewables push prices down

June 3, 2019,   by Sophie Vorrath

Rooftop solar households in regional Queensland are set to receive more than 15 per cent less for the solar PV generated electricity they send back to the grid, after the state’s pricing regulator...

Category: Queensland FIT

Queensland lifts solar feed-in tariff by 17% in response to surging gas prices

May 26, 2016,   by Sophie Vorrath

Households in regional Queensland will get a more than 17 per cent boost to their rooftop solar feed-in tariff come July, in response to rising electricity prices driven by the high cost of gas power...

Category: Queensland FIT

What is the right solar FiT for a smarter grid?

September 8, 2015,   by Sophie Vorrath

And one of these problems is the number of solar households on the Ergon grid still contracted to a high, 44c/kWh feed-in tariff – one of the most generous solar tariff schemes set up in Australia –...

Category: Queensland FIT

Queensland FIT

January 1, 2008,  

Queensland copied South Australia's program[more]

Category: Queensland FIT

Tasmania Feed Law

Tasmania rooftop solar worth three times current tariff: report

May 20, 2016,   by Sophie Vorrath

Currently, Tasmania’s solar households receive 6.1c/kWh for the solar they export, but pay around 25c/kWh for electricity from the grid, which is mostly sourced from hydropower, but when dam levels...

Category: Tasmania FIT

Talking Point: New ideas needed in energy crisis

March 24, 2016,   by JACK GILDING

A feed-in tariff of 12-15c would rapidly ramp up the solar industry in Tasmania. Added advantages of solar are that people would invest their own money and the electricity would be generated and used...

Category: Tasmania FIT

Tasmania's energy crisis to take centre stage as State Parliament resumes for 2016

March 7, 2016,  

The Energy Minister is not ruling out increasing the solar feed-in tariff after it was slashed in 2013, or requesting other assistance from the Commonwealth in the short term.

Category: Tasmania FIT

FIT Discussion in Tasmania

October 31, 2008,   by Paul Gipe

  On October 31, 2008, Tasmanian Minister of Energy & Resources began circulating a discussion paper on whether the use of feed-in tariffs was a "useful pricing mechanism for encouraging the...[more]

Category: Tasmania FIT

Discussion Paper on Electricity Feed-in Tariffs

October 31, 2008,  

Category: Tasmania FIT

Victoria Feed Law

Victorian feed-in tariff may skyrocket to 29c from July 1 2018 if new draft rules adopted

December 20, 2017,  

Two FiTs will be set: time-varying and single rates. Under the new draft rules, electricity retailers will need to offer at least one of these to their Victorian customers

Category: Victoria FIT

Victoria FIT

January 1, 2009,  

The Victoria state government has proposed a policy to go into effect in 2009 that pays $0.60 AUD/kWh for excess generation for 15 years for PV system less than 2 kW in size only. The Victoria...[more]

Category: Victoria FIT

A proper solar feed-in tariff in Victoria - 10 Reasons Why

May 9, 2008,   by Markus Lambert

Category: Victoria FIT

Western Australia Feed Law

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