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Virgin Islands (US) FIT

Virgin Islands: Net Metering Controversy Gets Even More Complicated

December 8, 2014,   by Bernetia Akin

A proposal meant to promote the switch from net metering to the less generous feed-in tariff program includes a provision amending existing law to make residential customers who rent their homes as...

Category: Virgin Islands (US) FIT

The V.I. Water and Power Authority files feed-in tariff petition

July 19, 2014,   by JENNY KANE

The Feed-in Tariff Act allows WAPA customers to sell their independently created renewable energy to WAPA, which in turn is required to purchase the energy at a fair and reasonable price, according...

Category: Virgin Islands (US) FIT

Virgin Islands (US) Governor Signs Feed-in Tariff Act

May 20, 2014,   by Paul Gipe

Governor John de Jongh, Jr. of the Virgin Islands signed a bill enacting feed-in tariffs in the US territory on May 16, 2014. Act 7586 is a greatly watered down version of the original proposal by...[more]

Category: Virgin Islands (US) FIT

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